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The Sowing: Book One of the Seeds Trilogy

The Resistance Has Begun. 

Remy Alexander wants vengeance. When she and her friends discover a clue that could help reveal the truth behind the massacre that claimed her sister's life, she may finally get her chance. 

Valerian Orlean wants answers. Why the girl he was in love with disappeared three years ago. Why she joined the Resistance - a covert organization sworn to destroy everything he believes in. When he is appointed to lead a government program whose mission is to hunt and destroy the Resistance, he may finally find his answers - and Remy. 

In a world where the powerful kill to keep their secrets, and the food you eat can change who you are, Remy and Vale are set on a collision course that could bring everyone together - or tear everything apart. 

In this science-fiction dystopia, the mother-daughter writing team of Kristina, Amira, and Elena Makansi immerse readers in the post-apocalyptic world of the Okarian Sector, where romance, friendship, adventure, and betrayal will decide the fate of a budding nation. 


From jennasilver:

“This is the reason why I love reading books from Indie writers; sometimes you find that hidden gem, that book that blows your mind, that book that keeps you up until the middle of the night, that book that took you for a roller-coaster ride. That book that deserves my sparely given 5 star rating.”

 From Book- Marks The Spot:

“The writing was brilliant and flowed nicely…I just can’t get over the creativity of it. Well done.”

 From G.R. Cooper:

“Well-conceived story that interweaves compelling characters, a unique setting, culture, plot progression, and pacing…It’s a very good, polished story. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series.”

From ZetteZelle:

“I found this book irresistible!”

From Ashley M. 

“In a world where we are surrounded by light teen fiction which can be easily devoured in a period of mere hours (and I mean three or four), this novel was a pleasant refresher. I spent a good chunk of the last 24 hours attempting to devour this novel. The character development, the plot structure, the way in which the truth is revealed to the reader–all of these things are elegantly combined to create an inviting and captivating story. One that holds your attention without feeling like you’re observing a small child who has recently learned how to get attention. All of this to say–I’m thoroughly impressed and eagerly awaiting the next book!”

From E. Havisham

“The Sowing crosses lines I didn’t even know existed and conveys, with hauntingly poetic language, a dark, frighteningly realistic future world. I would definitely recommend this novel to a friend, although I have a feeling that it won’t be long until this series achieves THG-like popularity on its own. If you want something that’ll make you question the world you live in, that’ll keep you searching for answers long after others have stopped caring, this is the series to read. I’m awaiting the second installment with bated breath!”

From Priscilla And Her Books:

“Move over, Hunger Games and Divergent. It looks like we have a contender here. Mark my words, The Sowing will definitely appeal to the YA crowd, or people who enjoy reading books that help them find themselves.”

From Bibliotica:

“Here’s the thing about The Sowing: technically, because it takes place in an ‘advanced’ society that is not our own (though it bears some strong similarities), this novel is science fiction. At the same time, however, it’s a novel about social justice, and a warning about GMO foods – something particularly timely as we fight to change labeling and live in a world where companies like Monsanto are increasingly in control of what we eat and how it grows. Aside from that, it’s also a mystery/thriller, because we follow Remy’s journey to discover the truth behind her dead sister, who is one of the victims of a mass shooting in the book’s opening chapters…More than that, though, The Sowing is a novel about family, responsibility, growing up, and the choices we all make when we try to balance the need to be part of a community with the equally great need to be true to ourselves….The Sowing is part of a trilogy, which seems appropriate: a triumvirate of women writing a trilogy about seeds and growth and change. I definitely plan to read all three novels in this series.”

From Kritters Ramblings:

“Another dystopian series and although this one isn’t big just yet, I think it has the power to play with the big boys in the dystopian genre….This book was so easy to get into and the worlds were easy to understand…I will definitely be looking out for the next in this series.”

From Kevin:

“There are certain bars set for dystopian literature. The Sowing has claimed it’s place among and above a line of powerful dystopian literature. Books like The Hunger Games and Divergent have set the bar pretty high. The Sowing by K. Makansi has reached that bar, and let me say, the trip to it was great…The Sowing will take your breath away…The Sowing breaks barriers when it comes to dystopian fiction, and I hope that it receives the huge amount of hype it deserves.” 

From Jessica:

“Nothing I say could possibly do this book justice. The talented trio of writers known here as K. Makansi have come together to create a vivid world full of characters so real, it’s easy to get lost in The Sowing. I can’t wait to see what these three come up with in the next installment.”

From Jennifer:

I couldn’t stop reading! Great character development and interesting storyline. The only downside is that i have to wait til next fall to find out wait happens next! Can’t wait for next installment!

From sarahbellum:

“The Sowing is a wonderful read: well-written, with charming and realistic characters, a compelling plot, and enticing social and political commentary. Recommended for people who love sci-fi and dystopias.”

From Kenneth E. Floro:

“A jaw-dropping scene right at the start of The Sowing launches a vigorous narrative, ultimately thrusting the two main characters, Remy and Vale, onto a collision course. In snippets and glimpses, the ominous truth behind that opening scene is gradually revealed throughout the book. This provides a gripping central intrigue for the entire story, like the unraveling of a great mystery. And the reader’s attention is never given a chance to wane because the constant underlying tension frequently rises to staccato bursts of superbly-written action….”

From J. Edward Paul:

“The Sowing opened with a gut wrenching prologue that, while shocking, endeared me to the characters faster than I thought possible…By far, Makansi’s biggest achievement was creating a cast of characters that are quite real to the reader right from the beginning.”

From aurea l rothman:

“THE SOWING rocks–and it rocked me from the opening pages, a heart-thumping, disturbing sequence which ensnared me but had me wondering if the journey to follow would meet these immediately audacious expectations…Not merely through action, though there is plenty; but THE SOWING works because the characters work–raw, real souls who find themselves fighting to survive a harrowing post-apocalyptic world where their decisions will make every difference. And just when I find myself deciding whom and what to pull for, Makansi nudges me from the perch of my assumptions and out of my comfort zone, luring me further into her gritty and deliciously gray world.”

From C.G. Ayling:

“Throughout the novel, the style is easy and effortless. From its slow beginning to it climactic end, this smooth flowing tale is a joy to read. Your hopes for the main characters are constantly threatened, but the authors manage to tread the tripwire of suspense with aplomb. Disaster looms, yet never quite consumes. Even with the villains unmasked, their motivations remain hidden and leave the reader in a wonderful limbo – can something mitigate their actions? It isn’t often villainy is portrayed with such subtlety you find yourself hoping something might excuse abhorrent behavior. That type of sympathy abounds in “The Sowing”. If you like your heroes pristine, and your villains cast in midnight black, then look elsewhere – in “The Sowing”, every character is… well, human…So what is “The Sowing”? It’s a little bit of romance, a heaping helping of Sci-Fi, and a generous dose of metaphor. It is today, cast in the future. It is a simple tale which leads you down a complex path – personally, I think the path begins right here, right now, and that we might be its villains, which may account for why I feel sympathetic to those within the tale. Now, I don’t know about you, but for me one of the things I most enjoy about fiction is being surprised. “The Sowing” doesn’t stop surprising.”

From radrose:

 “Once I started reading, I couldn’t put THE SOWING down! It’s a plot-driven, exciting adventure set in a well-developed world…Read it!!”

From Raishimi:

“The attention to detail in the crafting of this world is exquisite. Not only are the technological nuances made thoroughly plausible with little fourth-wall breakers, the language used is at once elegant and simplistic. Nothing is made overblown or sensational. The description of Okaria in particular, put me in mind of Tolkien’s Lothlorien – a shining enterprise of light and study, though filled with its own pockets of darkness…I anticipate a warm welcome for the SEEDS trilogy, into the complex fold of science fiction. Certainly, I look forward to downloading the next chapter in the lives of those inhabiting the Okarian Sector.”

From Peter Samet:

"Like the best sci-fi, The Sowing is a fascinating thought experiment: what if your social circle splits in half, and people you’ve once loved–friends, teachers, parents–grow to despise you? That’s the scenario Remy Alexander and Vale Orlean find themselves in. They are bitter enemies when the book opens, but at one point in time, they were close friends with the promise of more…The Sowing is a page-turner, at least, after that slow first act. Several key moments will hit you hard, especially if you’ve ever felt like an outcast or a pariah. And the writing style allows you to easily slip inside the world and the minds of the main characters. Even though this is the first book in a planned trilogy, the ending is deeply satisfying, and my appetite has definitely been whet for the next installment."

From Z. Maffitt:

“The story is full of style and talent. Complex, intriguing characters provide the pulsing heart of the story that engage the reader’s emotions; the dystopian setting, astute environmental and societal observations, plus the mystery of the DNA offer something for the reader’s mind to ponder and analyze.”