"we are burning" (watercolor & pen)

I live in the Sonoran desert now, surrounded by mountains and cacti. I moved from California, which is experiencing a huge, historic drought. I really haven't felt much rain in the last two years, especially as I skipped Tucson's summer monsoon season and instead spent the summer in sunny Oregon (it's not always rainy in the PNW).

As is now normal, fires tore up and down California over the summer, destroying homes and displacing animals and burning crops and rangeland. The California drought continues even as climate modelers predict supermegacrazydroughts in the U.S. And yet ... climate change was mentioned just once in the last presidential debate, extreme levels of animal food consumption continues unabated, residents in Flint, MI still don't have access to clean, safe drinking water, overseas, hundreds of thousands of Syrians and Palestinians are cut off from reliable water supplies and millions more around the world don't have safe, easy access to water.

We are burning and we are thirsty and our land and air and water are sick with pollution and disease and so are we. 

"We Are Burning" Elena Makansi. October 2016. Watercolor and rolling ball pen.